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Monday, June 22, 2009

On a clear disk, you can spin forever

Hopefully the saga of the broken drive is now over. Got a replacement drive from Apple, Fujitsu 160GB, 5400rpm. Copied the new drive I had bought earlier, the Western Digital 320GB, 7200rpm and reinstalled. So here's my subjective view.

The Western Digital was definitely faster, everything seem to be more snappy. Apps launched faster, the folders displayed quicker etc. But here's the problem, there's an audible hum that's annoying especially if you were used to the quietness of the original slower drive. I could also feel a bit more vibration under my right palm (the hard drive is at the lower right hand corner of the computer). I suspect if I had the WD installed from day one I would have not known the difference.

Having swopped the new but slower drive back in, my suspicions where confirmed. So now the WD has been relegated as my backup Time Machine drive for this and my iMac Mini at home.

All is well again in my MacWorld. Back to coding...


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