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Sunday, June 28, 2009

The passing of a genius

This week saw the passing of a musical genius, Michael Jackson. I grew up on his music and witnessed how he changed the music industry both in the music, the videos and the business. Alas the last few years, all his achievements were eclipsed by his eccentricity.

His death however, has made it possible for the old to reconnect to music and choreography and introduce the young to legend of old.

I routinely check our website at that monitors the top songs, iPhones apps etc, and was surprised to find that in the US iTunes store, 15 of the 25 top iTunes downloads were songs by Michael Jackson. In France, 18 of the top song downloads belong to him too. Similarly in Germany. In Britain, however, only a several songs made it to the top 25 as did Canada. You can track this at

It is ironic but not unusual that it takes the death of a genius for the world to appreciate his accomplishments. There will be other stars, but none quite like him again.

I bought his Off The Wall and Thriller albums on vinyl. Some of my favorites that I remember when I was at university were "Ben" and "She's out of my life". Do you remember?

Goodbye Michael.javascript:void(0)


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