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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The price to dream

John Maxwell has a terrific article on The Cost Question

We've been living the self-employed dream at TheGoodBlogs now for almost 3 years. Maxwell's questions are relevant to our scenario, methinks.

  • Want to live the dream? Pay the price.
    Done that, problem is like the adventurers of old, you don't know where the edge of the world is until you fall off. There's no universal price tag. Our pioneer forefathers didn't know either.

  • The dream is free, but the journey isn't.
    Probably the most shocking truth that never hits home until you've run out of rations.

  • The price must be paid sooner than you think.
    That's why startups raise millions of dollars, so you can spend someone else's money for your mistakes.

  • The price will be higher than you expect.
    And it's a price not just of money but time and personal sacrifice.

  • The price must be paid more than once.
    That's why startups raise several rounds of financing each time promising it will be last one before IPO.

  • It is possible to pay too much for your dream.
    I think I already paid too much for this dream... but like the pig, I'm committed now. Unlike the hen, it's not so easy just to contribute an egg and move on.

These are sobering thoughts. So much so I think I need a beer to drown my sorrows.


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