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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bistro - the Best iPhone Sites That Rock

Today we generally design our webpages to be 1024x768 as the lowest common denominator. It used to be 800x600. !2 years ago, VGA was tremendous breakthrough in color depth and screen size at 640x480. It's hard to buy a wide-screen monitor these days that is less than 22 inches. So it's hard to imagine a life of 320x480 (i.e. half VGA). Welcome to the world of the iPhone.

If you own an iPhone or iPod Touch, you'll be familiar with swiping, squeezing, expanding we have to do with our fingers as we navigate websites that were never conceived for a format so small. The fact that we can view most websites (as long as they don't start with a flash homepage!) is quite amazing. Nevertheless, it isn't satisfying.

There are quite a few websites that offer an alternative view to accommodate the iPhone. Problem is most often people don't know they exist. So we took it upon ourselves to find, collate and share them with the public.

Welcome to Bistro, the Best iPhone Sites That Rock.

Visit our Bistro page today for the first installment of apps offering news, technology, entertainment, food and other great sites that has made browsing the web with an iPhone a great experience.

I'm not sure we're making the world a better place. We're certainly making it easier for you to find it if you have an iPhone.


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