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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Don't box me in

I was reading a post this morning on Gamesutra about the state of gaming by Wanda Meloni. Her concluding comment was really profound.

...It all depends on who you ask, their individual preferences and their frame of mind. Are we still so myopic that we can’t see where this is going? Entertainment has no defining demographic, it simply is...

And that would be a perfect way to describe the Internet. The web is a like a molten mass of digital assets that really defies description. It is different things to different people. Being in the tech world, we take it for granted everyone has a Facebook account or everyone twitters. When you have a hammer, yep, everything looks like a nail.

The reality is the web is like smorgasbord and to even try to define an individual's preferences and partiality is wrong. That individual changes every day. Yesterday it was MySpace, tomorrow it is Facebook and tomorrow who knows?

They should dub our current generation, Generation-N for Generation Now. My kids live in the moment. They have no qualms in changing emails, social networks, games or tv shows. To try and define them and put them in a category would be futile. It would be obsolete by the time you read this sentence.

It does change the way we look at loyalty and how we build loyalty programs. Making people collect points over 12 - 24 months are not going to make consumers change their buying habits. They would happily jump ship for the 10% instant discount across the street or worse still it is just a url away.

Those who figure out how to give you a 10 second emotional buzz and get that one time purchase every time will eventually be king.


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