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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Every day is a crossroad

Every day we wake up and face the task of making decisions. Some are easy like what you're going to have for breakfast, others are a lot harder like where are you going to take your business today.

I make it a habit of questioning all my assumptions almost on a daily basis. Not the same as second guessing myself but I know too well how easily we hang on to our prejudices and biases. In fact the longer we travel down a particular path the harder it is to switch paths mainly because generally people hate change and also we feel like we are throwing away our previous investment (time, money, emotions).

We all play the same game, i.e. if we a priori decide that we want something, we will always find a way to justify it regardless of cost or practicality. That is the genius of the human race and also its flaw. That is my biggest fear in life, that I may be fooled by my own desires and ambitions that I make the wrong decisions because of the wrong reasons.

If we are not successful, there is a determinism that makes us prevail. If we are successful, we are loath to try something else in case we lose our success. But time brings new paradigms, culture, preferences and thinking and if we don't move with it we become dinosaurs.

For every decision, there is always an example why it was right in one circumstance and wrong in another. One entrepreneur will tell you how prevailing for 10 years in one domain was his demise, another will tell you how he hung on until the last payroll and ended up rich because of his perseverance.

At the end of the day, every piece of advice we get is only a guideline and at the end of the day, our decisions rest solely with us. We live and die by our own swords, there is no-one else to blame.

Perhaps we should not view our changes in our lives and businesses as radical acts that invalidate everything we've done before. Perhaps we can come to terms with them if we view every path at some point has a crossroad. We make our choices that may take us down a path less travelled but we never forget how we got there.

Our legacy got us here and helps us figure out what's next at every crossroad.


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