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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Three splats

It's happened to all of us. You're running late in the morning, trying to get the kids out on time, making breakfast and sometimes everything just goes disastrously wrong.

For me, that was this morning.

Coming up from the basement, I was trying to hold on to a couple tubs of yoghurt, bottles of water and some snacks for their lunch bags. Splat! a tub of yoghurt drops on the floor splattering it's contents.

I pick it up and go back to the fridge to get another one for the lunch bag. The offending tub falls again, this time even a bigger mess. Splat #2!

Ok, deep breath, run upstairs to get some paper towels. En route, I quickly try to flip the omelette I've got going. It didn't flip well. Splat #3!

At that point, as the US President would say, it would prove to be a learning moment. Do I totally freak out, shout obscenities and proceed to have a bad day? or do I figure out how not to ruin the next 16 hours of my day.

Takes a lot of discipline to do the latter because it is so easy just to give in. Deep breath, visualize myself watching all of this from somewhere far away or 10 years later. Think about how big the situation really is. And all of the sudden, even three messy splats which look like mountains a moment ago, now look like mole hills.

Three splats, but I didn't strike out. So I'm having a better day after all.

It's a mental exercise I try to remember to do every time something bad happens. I try not to look at the situation now but how I would feel about it looking at it 10 years later. Was it really that big a deal? Most times, it's not.

Have a terrific day!


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