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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What's love got to do with it


We just received a review from iPhone App Review. The reviewer used the words, So I LOVE – truly, madly, deeply – Signature from IdeasUnplugged. We get quite a few of these in emails every week. When users take time to email you with suggestions and tell you what a difference it's making for them, you know it's all worthwhile.

We've put a lot of work into Signature and will put a lot more in. Financially, it's not the home run. But heck, we wanted to make a difference and slowly and surely we have. Every upgrade isn't a "Gee Whiz, look a this feature that makes all my friends laugh!". It's a determined effort to come up with a professional slick application that hopefully people will appreciate. I'm starting to think so.

It is a great lesson on how to build a following of raving fans. Don't just give them something that works, give them something they love. Who would think that you can build a business app, especially a signature app that people love. I think we just did.

If you think I'm wrong? Take a look at Unix. It's been kicking around for decades. Unless you're a geek, you would never consider loading it as your OS. That is until Apple took it, wrapped in aluminium, added a sexy interface and called it a Mac. The rest as they say is history. Listen to a Mac or MacBook owner, the word that comes up as often as the word "Apple" or "Mac" is the word "Love".

Gotta love it. I do.


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