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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The bumps in the road

Simon and Garfunkel (who???) had a classic song, Bridge over Troubled Water. Starts with the line, "When you're weary, feeling small...".

We've all been there, maybe several times a month or even within a week.

So, I'm driving to work this morning, thinking about a dozen things I need to do that can be best described as tedious and unexciting. Happen to drive across a rough stretch of road in need of repair. Riddled with potholes and cracks.

Then came my daily epiphany.

If I drove an exotic Italian sports car and the road was smooth and straight. It would be boring. The best enjoyment would be to take it through hills and valleys, hugging the curves, deftly avoiding the rocks and cracks in the road. That would be interesting.

So would life be, if we thought about all that is thrown at us - as challenges that make our lives interesting and memorable. Without them, life would be boring, we would be boring.

So today, I will embrace the things I care the least about. Treat them as events no matter how small that make my life interesting and not annoying.

I used to write on my whiteboard in my younger days. "Stop and smell the roses". A reminder I was running too fast, heading for a goal and forgetting to savor the moment.

Seems like I had a memory loss.

The bumps in the road may not be your friend but they sure make your drive a lot more interesting.

So the thought of the day is,

When life throws you a curve ball, you can crash and burn or you can hug that curve


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