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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Far from the madding crowd

6:30am and a stroll along the Niagara Falls. No crowds. Just some runners and a few tourists. The air is fresh punctuated by the twitter of birds and the roar of the water. Amazing!

Now I'm sitting by the pool on the 14th floor blogging while my daughter swims. I love my iPad. I could get used to this. Only regret? I didn't get the 3G version, there are definitely times when there isn't a hotspot available. I'm thinking of getting one of those mobile pocket wimax routers so I can use that with my iPhone, iPad and MacBook at the same time. Usually when we travel, there are also another laptop, netbook and another smartphone. These new 3G pocket routers are the size of a pack of cards and will connect up to 5 devices.

The protective layer over the iPad screen works well. I probably will forgo the customary screen protector. If I look back at all my devices, the Palm V, the Dell pocket pc, they all became obsolete before they broke down or became severely scratched. I know of families that wrap their couches in plastic. Yet we all drive $20,000+ cars in the worst conditions with hot sun, hail and snow. Isn't that ironic. I'm going to stop wrapping my life in plastic and live for the now.


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