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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Finding the beauty around us

We visited the Royal Botanical Gardens over the weekend. Just an amazing explosion of color from the tulips to the irises and lilacs. Apparently there are only 20 natural occurring varieties of lilacs but over 1600 man-made / engineering strains. Boggles the mind.

I thought the possibility to moving closer to the gardens when I retire. The idea of being able to visit the many gardens and hiking possibilities were intriguing. Then I wondered would it be as special if I saw the wonderful display of flowers every week. Part of our amazement and wonder is because we visit the gardens once or twice a year.

Would we become jaded if we saw it every day? Would we stop looking and visiting after a while? Seth Godin talks about the purple cow. How a trip to the countryside gets everyone excited with the first siting of cows. 2 hours later, the cows are no longer a novelty and we hardly notice they are there.

We should take time to stop and examine the beauty around our daily lives that we too easily take for granted because they are always there.


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