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Monday, May 17, 2010

Finding the inspiration

Bloggers come in all shapes and guises. Some blog every thought, whim or desire. These people are probably avid twitterers, with active Facebook accounts, LinkedIn networks and a couple other social networks to boot.

My modus operandi is different. I prefer to blog about things that move me. Moments that I can go back several years later and still derive the same inspiration or emotion I had at the time of the blog post. That's just me.

Lately it's been tough, I get inspired many times in the day. Problem is it's usually squeezed between heavy workloads that really take it's toll. By the time, I get the 5 minutes, the inspiration is gone. The thought is still there but the ability to crank out a post that's just right has disappeared.

Today was different. There were probably 10 cars on the road. The birds were singing. The air was fresh. I was ready for the gym. Yes, it is Monday morning. The difference. It's 6am.

Developers tend to be night owls, raging into the night, laboring over the feature that just doesn't quite work. So getting up early is hard. Especially when the order of the day is wake up kids, get breakfast, make lunch and cart the kids to school.

This morning was different. At 6am. The world is pretty much still at peace. The drivers are courteous. Did I mention the air is fresh? There is a ton of parking at the gym and everyone seems to be absorbed into their workouts, deep in their own thoughts or maybe just not fully awake.

The epiphany came on the way home. As parents, spouses, workers, we grind out every day, waiting for that hour at the end of day to unwind. We drink from the bottom of the well. We eat the last crumb. We've been there and most of us are still there.

Surely we should give the best part of the day to ourselves, even if it is just a moment, an hour. And it shouldn't be 9pm at night. It should be the first thing we do for ourselves.

This morning showed me what Monday could be. And Tuesday. And Wednesday... So at least until the first snow, I resolve to slip out 6am every morning for me and only me. Whether it is the gym or a walk by the lake, I'm not saving the best for last. I'm savoring it first.

Who cares if the rest of the day is crappy? The main thing is it started right and if the rest turns out bad, there is still another sunrise to look forward to. Another new beginning. A new me.


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