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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Having room to breathe

Once again, I slipped into the blogging abyss. I don't believe in frivolities, I'd rather not blog than fill this space for the sake of putting some content up. I make a poor candidate for Twitter and Facebook. I honestly don't know why people would care that I had a great day at the beach yesterday. I don't deny the value of the social network. I just don't believe in digital pollution.

To be honest, I have been criticized in the past for not initiating or speaking up because I was told that my voice does matter and the content always has merit. Unfortunately, I am an introvert and it's a gene or DNA thing. Like a sword, my voice is never used in jest but used when needed to. In truth, I am a thinker. I get lost in my thoughts, really.

The past month has been a hectic whirlpool of activities as we help a client with some much need features that would make their big marketing push. 14-16 days don't give one room to think of other things. Nor does it help with the morning quiet time I religiously set out for myself.

It did prove one thing. If you have no room to breathe, or have no time to reflect, you will stop growing as an individual. When you're in a jungle slashing away furiously around you, beating a path, you're not above the treetops looking at where you should be going.

We love our client to bits. They have given us the financial freedom to make them successful and so far I think we have done just that. At the back of mind, there's a nagging sense that it is like a pair of golden handcuffs, because we're not building our own futures beyond being terrific consultants. I am truly grateful for once again having our heads above water but I embarked on this journey exactly 4 years ago to beat to our own drum, not someone else's.

Tealeaf is away for 3 weeks and I'm holding the fort. A lot of things have changed in the last 4 years. I've learnt a lot on all fronts. Most of all you learn a lot about yourself. You faced with your own frailties, shortcomings and learn to build on your strengths. Most importantly, you learn to survive. They can't teach that, you must learn it on your own. After 4 years, I feel like I've just started, it was my apprenticeship, to build a set of tools for the next 4 years.

Where will the next 4 years take me? I'd be a fool to predict. Some things don't change. I love to empower people, build great products, offer superb user experiences. Basically make my stay in the digital space a memorable one to those we touch.

I always ended each of my journeys with the Toy Story phrase, "To Infinity and Beyond". Unfortunately, reality is around the corner and is much more tangible than infinity. Nevertheless, I'm always a digital dreamer. Microsoft used to have the tagline, "Where would you want to go today?" I need to start asking myself that question again...

Winston Churchill said it best, "Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning".

We've drunk the Apple Kool-aid the past 18 months. So it is only fitting I tell myself, Steve's 4 famous words...

"Stay hungry, stay foolish"...


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