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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

iPad goodness

I managed to read a 197 page pdf document on the iPad. There's a neat feature that allows you to save the pdf to your iBook library. Best part it remembers your last page. But it's an exercise I have rarely attempted on a notebook or desktop.

The iPad format feels like a book that you can sit back, hold in your hand and pause to reflect on the content when you want to. Maybe I'm just old school.

I've been reading Marvel comics on the iPad too. The graphics are stunning but somehow it just doesn't feel the same as having a comic in your hand. I'm thinking it is because when we read comics, we don't just focus on a frame but our peripheral vision allows us to see the other frames that adds to the viewing experience.

BTW: The worst thing you can do on the iPad is browse car sites. Just about every major manufacturer requires a flash plugin and many just don't work at since the menu is flash-based. Must be a niche for some savvy developer.


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