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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Digital books are eco-friendly

I bought my first digital book last night. They didn't have it on iBooks so I ended up buying it from Amazon using Kindle for iPad.

The 512 page book was compressed to less than 5MB. Before I knew it, it was downloaded onto my Kindle. It's a blast to use, bright screen, adjustable font sizes. I think I just shrugged off my fear of not have a hardcopy on my table.

There are so many pluses to this. The publisher makes more money because each copy is effectively zero cost. Hopefully it gets past onto the author. I received my book within seconds and without leaving my kitchen where I made the purchase. I can carry any number of books with me without the physical weight and I can download it on my Mac if I choose to read it that way.

Imagine if they had an exchange program where you can hand in a physical book and get a digital copy, there's probably at 20 books that I would immediately hand in.

Just lovin' it.


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