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Sunday, August 15, 2010

To blog or not to blog

I'm not sure where the last 6 weeks went. It went.

So I hang my head in shame looking at the void in my blog since my last post. The spirit was willing but the work piled up. There was no shortage of ideas and inspirations just lack of time to think them through.

And there lies the rub, thinking them through. Is it better to publish a post that is half complete or not to publish at all? Maybe that's why people twitter. There is no expectation of quality or premeditation. The worst that can happen is you waste 10 seconds reading a maximum of 160 characters.

So here's a post perhaps is much ado about nothing. Hmm, maybe that should be the byline for Twitter.

Otherwise enjoying a vacation in Washington and New York. Experiencing the magnitude of history in DC and the magnitude of diversity in NY. I feel so small.


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