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Friday, September 10, 2010

Are we there yet?

Imagine eating an ice-cream looking forward to the end. Imagine telling someone that the best part of Disneyland was coming home. Imagine telling a friend that the best of an awesome date was taking her home. Imagine that...

Sounds absurd? that's what we do when we start jobs, companies, projects. We look at the pot of the gold at the end of the rainbow instead of the rainbow. The irony is that too often there is no pot of gold but the rainbow was real.

Looking back at all the startups I was involved in, the parts I remember and cherished the most... it wasn't the money that was made or lost, it was the people I met, lives I changed and people who changed mine. It was the journey, not the destination that defined me.

Too often I wake up thinking about what I should achieve that day, instead of thinking what I should do that would make the day an important part of my journey.

If life is journey and not a destination is a cliche then why don't we live it that way.

I think along the way we forget what is really important. Society makes us believe that our status is more important than our experiences because it is easier to judge and measure riches and success. It is harder to measure the greatness of being fulfilled and happy.

Advertising is to blame in part, we too often show young, beautiful people smiling with perfect teeth, standing on luxury boats and driving insanely fast cars. We instill the idea that money is the root of our happiness.

I pledge to wake up every morning and take time to cherish the rainbow.


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