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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Lost in Translation

The more I think about gamification, the more excited I get. If the average teenager spends as much time playing games as he does in high school, there is a parallel universe that is untapped. Currently it is a universe that is tolerated rather than leveraged.

The fear I have is that when people get excited, it's like you have a hammer and everything looks like nail. Age brings the benefits of experience having lived the history instead of reading it. I saw the fads of AI, B2B, CRM, ERP, millions of dollars spent inappropriately because everyone wants that silver bullet, the holy water, the miracle cure. Many of these technologies thrive today because they are useful and strategic where they should be. Hundreds of casualties and dollars are littered on the way because they weren't.

Bringing new ideas into any company or life is by definition traumatic because they threaten the norm, they make you uncomfortable, they change your beliefs and they potentially make you look stupid when you see what you have done in the past.

The problem why ideas don't stick or don't apply is that something got lost in translation. Usually it is the intent, the core of the idea. We sometimes get caught up in the mechanics, the rules. We argue about the how instead of the why. Logic is at arms with the illogical. We forget that logic is often not a product of mathematics in our lives, it is a product of our culture, teachings and learnings. We forget these were created in the context of time. But time passes, so should cultures evolve, new discoveries lead to new learnings.

Be definition, at least mine, an expert is someone who knows when to apply something and what to do in that context. It is a generic principle. We should take heed as we go down the path of making business fun. Before of technology and ideas that get lost in translation.

My mission, making sure "making business fun" should no longer be an oxymoron.

My epiphany of the day... Progress is learning from the future not from the past. Is that not the definition of imagination?


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