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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Desire Determines Destiny

2011 turned out to a frenetic year of hope, opportunity and energy. We had 18 students work with us to create Carddit. For many it was their first jobs as co-op students. Beyond teaching them design and coding, I hoped they learned about passion, desire and perseverance.

John Maxwell has an article of passion being the fuel of persistence. He said, 'desire determines destiny' and the winning side is usually the team that 'wanted it more'. Passionate people use their passion to inspire them to clear roadblocks, to do the seemingly impossible. Dispassionate people find reasons to doubt, looking for reasons to stop instead of ones to push on.

2012 is for me the year of persistence. Enthusiasm doesn't pay the bills, neither does vision unfortunately. But what keeps us coming back day after day is the desire to achieve something special together. I'd like to look back and know I've made a mark no matter how small, I've made a difference to the life of at least one person, hopefully many.

In the darkest hours, the fuel of persistence is our passion, our desire, our beliefs. Without that, we, as a group and as a company would be without a soul. The internet does not scare us, but it inspires us and motivates us to participate. I truly hope that our desire is enough to determine our destiny.

I'd like to think last year, we made a difference to many lives of students that passed through Play Dynamics. This year, I'd like to think we'll make a difference to the people who are with me in creating this great company.


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