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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Aha, Wow, Of course

I was inspired today by an article on What the 3 stages of Love Teach You about Crafting Great Services. Fjord's Olof Schybergson, succinctly summarizes this as: Matchmaking, Dating and True Love.

 He says the matching is the discovery or the "aha" moment when someone is introduced to your service. At that point, the dating process kicks in and if you succeed leads to the "wow" moment. Finally if all goes well, they progress to the ardent fan level of true love when commitment is just a natural progression, the "of course" moment.

Seems like we can simplify a lot of what we do with our customers to these 3 basic metrics,

a) did we achieve the "aha" moment? and then
b) "wow" our customers to a point they would commit without thinking...
c) "of course!".